Anita Alvarez

Anita Alvarez



This is a sample blog to demonstrate Fil's capabilities.

Fil is a Content Management System which creates static files for your content and let's you host them in any static web hosting, including Amazon S3 and Github Pages.

Fil is a tool mostly designed for developers to build their own content system for their needs, their companies and their non tech-savy colleagues. As it is unopinionated about data model, it requires programming knowledge to bake it in.

Starting with your own blog is dead simple: Just go here and follow the instructions!

Do you want to build something else? Fil is unopinionated and designed to manage any kind of content. We believe that everyone's content is different and it is hard to put it into 'generic' shapes. This is why Fil provides a simple API and does no assumptions about the underlying data model.

It solves problems like caching (for speed) and auto-reload (for sanity of content editors) and static compilation ( for the ultimate fastest speed).